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Nov 082013

heat_pump-02A heat pump uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one medium to another, using mechanical work to move heat from a low temperature source to a high temperature sink.

Heat pumps use the reverse cycle of a refrigeration plant to heat water. Latent heat is given off when the refrigerant gas is liquefied through the condenser and transferred to the surrounding water together with further “sensible” heat loss, effectively raising the temperature of water to a higher temperature.

Benefits & Features of Heat Pumpsheat-pumps-01

  • Uses up to 70% less electrical power to heat your water
  • Specifically designed for South African conditions
  • Works at night and on cloudy days
  • Reduces maximum electrical demand levels
  • Built in timer so heating can be done during the most suitable times.
  • Quiet operation, with no unsightly solar collectors on the roof.
  • Does not need direct sunlight so positioning is more flexible
  • Compact and neat installation
  • Environmentally responsible – energy efficient, with no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for south facing buildings
  • Lower initial cost than solar geysers

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